Growing up surrounded by the magnificent scenery that characterises our beautiful country, South Africa, it’s hard not to be passionate about cycling. We love being out on our bikes, doing what we are most passionate about. Drawing on our years of local knowledge and experience, we design guided, personalised tours that are memorable, healthy, eco-friendly, and a great way to explore the rich South African countryside. It's also energising for us to be able to share these exclusive experiences with others.

Gideon Maree has been cycling in the Cape for over a decade now, and it was there that his love for the sport was born. Having graduated from Stellenbosch University with an honors degree in Sport Science & is a CATTHSETA Cultural Tour Guide. Cape Active Tours provides Gideon with the perfect marriage of work and play. Each tour is as much an opportunity for him as it is for you!

Gideon Maree

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